Pet privileges

Pet privileges at Barclay Park include the right to have a dog, provided all Association regulations related to pet ownership and care are observed.  Inside the building, the pet must not cause a disturbance of others.  Outside the building, the leash law (always on a leash) must be observed while on community grounds AND all droppings must be picked up and disposed of properly.  The Master Deed and Bylaws allow for special assessment of fees and for revocation of pet privileges, if regulations are not followed.   Thanks for your help in making this large and diverse community a good example of neighborliness.

For additional details, co-owners are referred to the Bylaws – and invited to contact management if no answer to a question or a concern about pet(s) at Barclay Park arises.  Per Article VI, section 5 of the Bylaws, for example, specific approval can be granted for more than one domesticated dog or cat in a condo provided a waiver of rule request is made in writing and approved by the Association.  Note that the Association’s position on rules is that they should RARELY be waived and, if waived, the action is only on a temporary basis.  In all cases of a waiver request, the rights of downstairs (and/or adjacent) neighbors (namely, to quiet enjoyment) is taken into consideration.  This would mean both that written sign-off by neighbor(s) would be required for waivers of rules AND that the neighbor would still retain a right to withdraw his/her/their waiver-approval in the future – if and when circumstances change.