Fireplace Maintenance: important safety instructions

As owner of a gas fireplace, proper care and safe operation are your responsibility, as with any appliance. Here’s a refresher on what you need to do:

  • If you ever smell gas anywhere in the condo, including near the fireplace when it is off, call the gas company for emergency assistance: 1-800-947-8000
  • Download and read the Fireplace Owner’s Manual.
  • Periodically have a contractor perform maintenance on your fireplace, as described on Page 20 of the manual. Maintenance should include checking the condition of the gas pipe for corrosion or damage cleaning the burner and burner compartment, cleaning the fan assembly, and the brass trim.
  • Make sure you have a gas shutoff key: if yours has been lost, a new one can be purchased at local hardware stores.

Gas Fireplaces are found in three of the five condo styles at Barclay Park. These are the 2-car garage Hartfords, the upper level Providence condos and the rear Bridgeport condos in the buildings with side-by-side condos.