Need to make space inside your garage so that your car will fit? / How do I access the clubhouse?

The clubhouse security system was upgraded in 2004. It features a proximity access reader that communicates with each individual key fob to unlock the front door and log entry to the building. It also features several motion sensitive digital cameras that monitor and record activity in/around the clubhouse. A key fob was distributed to each household during the upgrade. Like household and mailbox keys, clubhouse key fobs should be turned over to new owners when a home is sold. Homeowners can request additional or replacement key fobs for $25. Checks should be made payable to Barclay Park Association and sent to Meadow. After receiving payment, Meadow will notify the Board, and the Board will activate and mail a new key fob to the name & address on file with the Association. Note: Missing/Lost key fobs should be reported to Meadow immediately. The security system corresponds every active key fob to a specific address. Missing/Lost key fobs can be easily deactivated temporarily or permanently.

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