Need to make space inside your garage so that your car will fit? / How do I make a service request?

Maintenance requests should be submitted to Meadow. Homeowners can submit service requests in various ways:
Fill out and submit the form below:

Phone Number:

Street Address:
E-Mail Address:

Please describe your problem or service request:

Email Include your name, address, phone number, and a description of the problem or requested service.
Stop by in person to the Onsite Operations Center, and complete a service request (available outside). If the office is closed, place it in the mail slot. Note: The drop box is for service requests only. Do NOT drop off your association fees at this location.
Telephone the Onsite Operations Center. It will soon be equipped with a phone line where service requests can be made. In the interim, service requests can be made by calling Meadow at 248-348-5400.
Prior to requesting maintenance, it is important for homeowners to understand which items are the responsibility of the Association versus the homeowner. Please reference the Condominium Documents (or a summarized Responsibility Grid) to avoid unnecessary charges from being billed to your account.

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