Need to make space inside your garage so that your car will fit? / I would like to become more involved in the Association. What is the best way to begin participating in the community?

The Board of Directors welcomes volunteers to help oversee the operations of the Association! One of the best ways to start getting involved in the Association is to meet your neighbors. The Association hosts several community functions each year. In the meantime, you can stay in touch with your neighbors by subscribing to the community e-mail list. For those with constructive ideas and a little bit of spare time, the Board strongly encourages homeowners to serve on a committee. This is where your ideas and efforts can really make a difference. The Association has already formed several committees: Grounds Maintenance Committee, Architectural Control Committee, Publicity Committee, and Clubhouse Committee. Contact any member of the Board to learn how to reach a committee head. Alternatively, consider forming a new committee that focuses on issues that interest you the most!

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