Clubhouse Rules & Regulations

This Clubhouse Is Under Video Surveillance.
• Smoking, or anything requiring an open flame, is not permitted.
• Alcoholic beverages and illegal substances are prohibited.
• No pets of any type are allowed.
• Children 16 years and younger must be supervised by an adult (21 years or older).
• The clubhouse must be used in such a manner that others are not disturbed.
• Decorations may not be affixed to the clubhouse walls, ceilings, or exterior surfaces.
• All activities must be contained within the clubhouse.
• The clubhouse is available for private use only. No commercial functions are allowed.
• Hours for private rentals – 9:00 AM until 1:00 AM (Later stays prohibited).
All garbage, food, and returnable beverage containers must be removed from the premises
prior to departure.
Make sure that all the doors and windows are closed and locked, the oven and range
burners are off, and all lights and electronic equipment are turned off.
The person(s) shall be responsible for damage to both interior and exterior clubhouse
premises which have occurred during the term of their visit.
The exercise room will remain available for the use of all homeowners regardless of whether
or not the clubhouse is reserved.
Any function may be terminated immediately, at will and without cause, by a designated
Barclay Park Association Monitor, an acting Clubhouse Manager, or by a Board Member.