Satellite Dish Specifications

In follow up to questions generated by the recent announcement of satellite dish specifications for Barclay Park, the Board of Directors has established revised specifications for the installation of satellite dishes and corresponding cables.

The revisions come as a result of the Board¿s request for clarification from Meisner & Associates, the attorneys who prepared the Barclay Park Condominium Documents, on whether certain areas outside of each unit are considered General or Limited Common Elements. In turn, the professional, legal opinion provided by Meisner & Associates indicated that some of the previous options that were offered to Co-owners extended beyond the Board’s authority; therefore, the Barclay Park Satellite Dish Specifications have been revised to reflect this information.

Note that neither the Telecommunications Act of 1996 nor the FCC Regulations require that the Association permit satellite dish antenna installations upon the general common elements of a condominium. Furthermore, the Barclay Park Condominium Documents prohibit the Board of Directors from granting exclusive use of a common area to any Co-owner.

The approved Barclay Park Satellite Dish Specifications can be found below. If you are unable to access the electronic version of these specifications or if you would like a hard copy, you may request that one be sent to you by contacting:

Meadow Management, Inc.
Agent for Barclay Park Association
27780 Novi Rd., Suite 110
Novi, MI 48377
Phone: 248-348-5400
Fax: 248-348-5960

Co-owners are also encouraged to review the following information for general and/or specific information regarding satellite dishes:

Download a copy of the Satellite Dish Specifications


In order to view these documents in PDF format, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.