Barclay Park Parking Rules

The Details:

Barclay Park Parking Rules Nov. 2014

Garages must be used

  • Each condo address at BPCA has a two (2) vehicle LIMIT, unless an Extra Vehicle Application has been submitted, approved and pre-paid — with a specific parking space(s) assigned. (Form available on website or by e-request.)
  • Co-owners with a 1-car garage must use their garage for a vehicle and are allowed just one space in the lot nearest their condo. Owners with 2-car garages must use both spaces in their garage for vehicles. If in need of an extra (3rd) vehicle space, the condo needing the space must apply for the extra outdoor space, pre-pay and be approved (due to limited extra spaces).
  • Ceiling Bike Rack Garage Shelving
  • For storage, see how garages at Barclay can accommodate shelving and bicycles.

Renters and long-term guests

    • All BPCA Parking Rules apply to renters and long-term, live-in, guests – just as they do to co- owners. Extra fees or towing can result from non-compliance. (Per bylaws, be sure a copy of any lease is provided to the management office.)

Street Parking and parking behind Garages

    • Due to fire lane restrictions, street parking is never allowed on narrow (east) section of Barclay Way. The wider west end of Barclay allows street parking only from March 15 to November 15, when there is no conflict with possible winter services.
    • During the four (4) winter months when parking spaces on Barclay Way are unavailable, visitors are to use available spaces in the parking lots, provided there’s rule compliance, including registration of extra space use. (Remember to register long-term visitors with the mgmt office.)
    • Except for loading/unloading, parking directly in front of garage doors is prohibited. Take care not to obstruct traffic or exceed about 15 minutes.

How do I get an extra parking space?

    • Approved and prepaid “Third Vehicle Registrations” will have a parking space DESIGNATED or numbered for the vehicle. A dated Registry of 3rd Vehicle Approvals will be kept and updated monthly by the management company. Failure to prepay for additional space taken in a parking lot will invalidate any past designation and can result in removal of the unauthorized vehicle.
    • Click here to download a mail-in form to apply for a prepaid extra parking space.

Towing and Fees for non-compliance

    • Towing and fees for non-compliance and/or extra vehicles parked without approval or proper permit are a liability of the responsible co-owner(s) and to be handled in a consistent manner by Association agents, including Brewers Towing Service (posted at entrance as authorized to tow. (This includes removal of non-operational vehicles and those with expired plates.)

Handicapped Parking Places:

Public spaces at the Clubhouse and Oakwoods Nature Park (front and rear of the property) are provided, as well as a space in each of the parking lots. If a space becomes necessary at a specific condo, please contact the Association to see what accommodation might be possible.\


Thank you for your cooperation – and for abiding by rules intended to be fair to all and to help promote efficiencies in association living that will outweigh the constraints.