Fee Matrix for special services, non-compliance or rule violations

For convenience, fees can be payed by Paypal, using this form.

A 4% processing charge will be added when Paypal is used.

  • Additional parking space(3rd vehicle – or temporary non-use of garage) – requires Association approval using Extra Vehicle Application.  Cost is $200 for 6-months or $300 for 12-months.
  • Non-use of garage for parking (i.e., parking outside without 3rd vehicle application and pre-payment) $25 daily fee.  (Note:  one outside space is provided for owners of Providence, Concord, Greenwich and Bridgeport units; whereas NO outside space – except guest or reserved 3rd spaces – is provided to Hartford units, because they have 2-car garages.)  Likewise, the fee for unauthorized parking space-use is $25 daily.
  • Failure to provide sublet (lease) agreement and names of authorized tenants to BPCA (agent) shall carry a fee of $100 (and can be repeated in successive months).
  • Failure to account for and/or correct damage that you or your property cause to a neighbor’s condo – cost is the actual cost of correction of the neighboring condo unit plus a minimum of $100 (or actual staff time at contract rates, whichever is greater).  For example, in Providence units (over Concords), if your upstairs sink overflows – or a humidifier drain line related to you’re A/C is not properly placed or secure (resulting in damages to the Concord condo below), the cost of full repairs and restoration would be the responsibility of the owner of the Providence unit.  [Note: most repair of damage to another’s condo unit would be covered by YOUR homeowner’s condo insurance, less whatever deductible the “H.O.6” policy might have.  BPCA costs (contracting, supervising, paying & collecting the settlement) would ALL liabilities of the condo at fault.]
  • Unauthorized alteration or installation (e.g., cable or dish, structural or misc):  $50 plus costs of removal (repeated monthly, until compliance is achieved or restored)
  • Coupon Books for Association fees – and Late Payments (if any):  $25 for an annual coupon book, as needed.  If monthly payments are made after the 10th, $25 is the fee (w/ legal costs of lien after the 2ndmonth.)
  • Excessive Speed on Barclay Way:  $50 (with doubling if second violation is recorded).  Note – the motor vehicle speed limit on Barclay Way is 15 miles per hour.
  • Trash or recycling bins left out over 24-hours:  $25 (with a doubling of this fee, if repeated – or trash bins may be removed and have to be repurchased)
  • Improper Discarding of trash OR failure to clean-up items left outside (either on-site or on neighboring properties) $25 plus all actual costs of clean-up and proper disposal.  (Note: City solid waste can be telephoned; also private firms such as 1-800-GOT-JUNK can help.)
  • Dog feces not picked up: $25 (if repeated, fee doubles to $50 per incident requiring clean-up)
  • Presence of moving truck or on-site POD overnight beyond 24-hours:  $50 (with doubling each day beyond second overnight)
  • Parking in tow away space — cost of towing and recovery from the towing company.
  • Leaving Garage Door Open Extended Periods (e.g., overnight) – will bring a warning and be followed with a fee of $25 for a repeat of the closed-garage requirement (extended periods).
  • Blocking In – or Unauthorized use of another’s assigned parking (in the event a space is assigned):  $25 per incident ($50 if repeated after first notice and first fee assessed)
  • Determination (by police or other) of infringement on rights to Quiet Enjoyment of others in the community shall bear a fee of $100 and/or as prescribed by law.

Note:  Fees are subject to change by Board action. Unpaid fees result in separate legal charges (which are also, a co-owner responsibility, in accordance with the documents and covenants of Barclay Park).