Barclay Park Newsletter

August 2020

General Information & Resources

With wishes for the good health and well-being of everyone in the BPA community, we write to remind our co-owners and residents of some key rules, and of some resources that are available on the Barclay Park website at

On the website, you’ll find:

You are also always welcome to speak with our on-site personnel, to discuss with other other co-owners through the Community email list, or to contact our management company at

Trash Pick Up and Container Care

The City of Ann Arbor picks up trash and recyclables on Wednesday mornings at Barclay Park. In the event that a holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, trash pickup is delayed by one day. Note that homeowners may place their trash containers outside of their garage up to 24 hours ahead of pickup, and must restore trash containers to their garages within 12 hours after pickup. If you’ll be away, please consider asking whether a neighbor can assist you.

Pest Control Service

The Association has recently spotted carpenter ants near some units!  These wood-boring insects can cause significant damage if left unchecked.  If you spot these large black ants or other pests, please call Ehrlich Pest Control at (248) 477-4800, and give them BP’s contract number: #14422331.

Alterations to Your Unit

Because alterations typically involve Limited Common Elements of your unit, which are subject to building codes and can affect your neighbors, most such changes require prior Association approval.  Be sure to fill out and submit the required Alterations and Modifications approval form before making any change.  See the Association Bylaws section VI.3 for specific details.  On-site personnel and the management company will try to expedite consideration and provide guidance regarding where approval is needed.

2020 Projects Underway

Highlights of work at Barclay Park during this unique year of the Covid-19 pandemic include lots of building trim replacement, painting, concrete repairs & replacements.  Walking trails are getting more use, and there’s been discussion of adding another viewing platform to the natural wetlands vista points that surround BP.  If you have input or feedback, please contact Meadow Management.

Rental Unit Registration

Barclay Park is an owner-occupied community which allows rental of its condos on terms detailed in (and constrained by) the Master Deed and Bylaws (Section VI.2).  Leases must be submitted to and approved by the Association, are to be for a minimum duration of 12 months, and must require the tenant to comply with the Condominium Documents and with the rules and regulations of the Association.  The Association has a document containing specific language that must be included in any lease contract.  Be sure to refer to the Association Bylaws, or contact the management company office with specific questions.

Hardwood Flooring in Upper Level Units

Hardwood floors look beautiful, however they can increase the noise transmitted to living spaces below.  For this reason, the Bylaws (Section VI.20, in the Third Amendment to the Master Deed) prohibit the installation of Hardwood flooring in units with downstairs neighbors.  If the Association becomes aware of floors installed in violation of this Bylaw, they may be subject to removal at the Co-owner’s expense, in addition to a fine of $100 in the first month, $200 in the second month, and $300 in each successive month.

Requirements for the Use of Garages and Parking Lots

The integration of parking into the buildings at Barclay Park is a good use of space, and is important for the availability of guest parking and traffic control.  To ensure that we have enough parking spaces, the Bylaws require all owners and residents to use their garages for vehicle storage. Concord, Bridgeport, Greenwich and Providence condos each have one-car garages plus one allotted outside parking space, while the Hartford models have two-car garages and no outside parking space.  Owners of more than two vehicles and owners of vehicles that will not fit into their garage must apply for an extra space in the parking lot.  These spaces are limited by availability, are subject to approval, and have an annual fee of $480 (or $300 for 6-months) added to the unit’s normal Association fee.  Thank you for helping BP’s integrated parking to work as intended.

We know that space is often scarce; see below for some images of how the organization of space within a garage can help store personal items.

Overhead StorageGarage Shelving installed by ATD BuildersRacor PBH-1r Ceiling Mounted Bike Lift
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