Seasonal Parking Announcement & Winter Parking Lot Safety Guidance

It’s that time of year again! This post is a reminder that there is no parking on Barclay Way from Nov. 15 to March 15 for snow removal on the main road. Vehicle owners who are parked on the main road during this time will be towed and impounded with fees set forth by the towing company. There is a sign (photo below) to remind residents from Bud Youngs of ATD Building, LLC.

Winter parking lot safety tips:

  • Do everything you need to do (adjusting your seat & mirrors, for example) before you exit the parking space.
  • When walking in a parking lot, watch for cars.
  • Avoid using your phone or headphones in a parking lot.
  • Follow parking lot speed limits and lane designations; don’t cut diagonally across the lot and please do not use the parking lots to drive around speed bumps on Barclay Way. Children are often playing in front of their garages in snow, rain, and sun, and cars driving too close to them, especially those that are driving fast, pose a serious threat to their safety.
  • When walking in an icy lot, make eye contact with an approaching driver. Stop if you don’t think the driver has seen you.
  • Wear boots or shoes with nonslip soles and good ankle support.
  • Snow muffles engine sounds; don’t rely solely on hearing to know if a vehicle is coming. Electric and hybrid vehicles are especially quiet.
  • Look out for snowplows and snowblowers. If possible, in general, these should operate when the lot is empty or as empty as possible (Consequences can be deadly if you approach a snowplow too closely even from behind, which happened as recently as January 2021 in Illinois in a hospital parking lot when a nurse “unknowingly walked behind” the snow plow as it was backing up).
  • Snowdrifts can prevent drivers from seeing traffic signs and crosswalks. Don’t take shortcuts over snowdrifts or plowed snow.